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Top 10 Kansas City Private-Sector Employers 2007

Posted in Career by Steven on April 24, 2007

Source: Printed Version

This week’s edition of the Kansas City Business Journal is golden. Why is it golden, you ask? Because it contains a list of the top 100 private-sector employers, which by the way, should come in handy for those new recent college graduates. If, by chance, you haven’t found a job right after college, hopefully this partial list will steer you in the right directions. If you want to read about the entire list, please check your local Kansas City Library or Newspaper Store.

Reading the newspapers can be helpful, enjoy.

******* Update *******
Check out Top 25 List Website for Kansas City. Here you take advantage of the data gathered by the Kansas City Business Journal. Also you can search by other markets such as St. Louis or San Francisco.

  • Company Name
    web site link
    Number of Local Full Time Employees
    Nature of Operations
  1. Sprint Nextel Group
    Wireless & Wired Communication Services
  2. HCA Midwest health System
  3. McDonalds’s USA LLC
    Quick-service restaurants
  4. Saint Luke’s Health System
  5. Ford Motor Co., Kansas City Assembly Plant
    Car & Truck Manufacturing
  6. DST System Inc.
    Information Processing & Computer Software Services
  7. UPS
    Package-delivery, specialized transportation & logistics
  8. Cerner Corp.
    Healthcare Information Technology
  9. At&T
    Voice, Data, Networking & e-business services, Yellow Pages
  10. Hallmark Cards Inc.
    Greeting Cards, Personal Expression, Television Programing

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